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Modern Clix has more than 34000 downloads!

Just a quick note to let you know that this theme has been downloaded 34239 times. I’m glad I can return to the Wordpress community and contribute with Modern Clix.

In other news, I released Pimlico, a beautiful, three column, widget-ready Premium Wordpress Theme available for as low as $24,99. At first, I was thinking on selling it on one of those Premium Theme marketplaces… but honestly, I believe this piece of work needs to remain indie.

What would you like to see in future versions of Modern Clix? Thanks again!

Milestone of 20000 downloads reached!

As of today, Modern Clix reached 20000 downloads! It’s even most popular than the most popular theme available on (with 9K downloads).

This is incredible. I never imagined that Modern Clix would be so popular today. Many, many thanks to all the fine people using it!

Modern Clix reached 5000 downloads!

As of today, Modern Clix reached 5131 downloads. To me it’s still incredible that thousands of users are using right now this theme for their blogs! For all of you, many thanks!

I’m working on fixing well-known bugs for an upcoming release and looking forward to finally submitting this theme to the Wordpress Theme Directory. I’ve also added a Paypal button so you guys can donate if you want/feel to. To all of you who donated, thanks!

Sneak peek: I’m developing a spin-off of Modern Clix, but on steroids. Sporting a new width (1080 pixels, wide-screen!), better typography (yet!), bigger images, color schemes, better paddings, more white-space and a revolutionary new way of integrating your Twitter conversations, right as a post (pretty much like in P2). The idea is to release a theme that’s 100% designed based on the content. Design should be invisible, and typography honors your content, this is the objective with this new theme. So stay tunned!

To keep updated on future Modern Clix updates, please join this Facebook group. I usually post theme news on my Twitter too.

Again, thanks to all who downloaded Modern Clix!

Modern Clix

This is a demo installation of Modern Clix, a free, downloadable Wordpress theme. Feel free to noodle around and test it.

Modern Clix is a minimal blog theme inspired in the Swiss Style of Design: It features Arial/Helvetica, grids, a generous use of whitespace for better readability and a strong focus in typography.

Modern Clix

Charly García and the Modern Clix.

Modern Clix features:

  • A strong focus in typography. The combination of leading, weights and type families is essential in any published media. Modern Clix displays texts and images beautifully and includes a set of nice ampersands, by-lines and other type goodies for you to enjoy. Check out the header of this blog for an example.
  • A strong grid. Texts and images are perfectly aligned to a 900px grid; uncomment a line in the CSS file to show up the underlieing grid.
  • An elastic design. Flexible layout? Fixed Layout? Elastic! Modern Clix is coded using EMs, so its layout is automagically stretched when you adjust the font size in your browser. Wowers!
  • Golden rectangle. Artists like Leonardo da Vinci proportioned their works to approximate to this rectangle, which has been considered universally aesthetically pleasing. The theme was designed following this principle.
  • Full width images and captions. Display images as large as 596px of width, with their proper captions or descriptions. The theme also include classes to align images to the left, center or right.
  • Twitter and Flickr integration was never so simple. Just change the sample usernames for your own ones and you are ready to go. No plugins required!
  • Extensible and modular. Modern Clix is minimal, but it’s extensible to suit your needs. Uncomment certain parts of the code to unlock gravatars, tags and widgets. Google Adsense is also supported.
  • Standards compliant. Modern Clix validates as XHTML 1.0 Strict and it’s cross browser compatible. This means that it works well in every browser in the planet.
  • Easy installation. You don’t need extra plugins to install the theme, just unpack and activate to enjoy it.
  • Professionally designed and coded. This design was featured in Smashing Magazine (and again), Vandelay Website Design, Design By Grid, CSS Gallery and many others, as an example of beautiful, minimal web site design. Now you can download it for free.

Modern Clix was initially priced $3500. Now it’s released as a free theme to download and enjoy. If you need support customizing it, you can book hours of support for $100/hour. A block of 5 hours is sold as $400. Contact me for more information.

The name Modern Clix is inspired in Charly García’s album “Clics Modernos”. García is probably the best musician in Argentina. Enjoy!

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Here’s an example of a BLOCKQUOTE.

The Grid System is a new side project of Antonio Carusone, featuring all things dealing with, well, typographic grids. Excellent resource.

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